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The company was founded in May 2018 with a registered capital of 1.6 million. It is an innovative enterprise with a total solution for outdoor fishing tackle maintenance and artificial intelligence. Co-designed with industrial design companies, colleges and universities, and has a number of patents, committed to "intelligence makes fishing more interesting." Mainly engaged in artificial intelligence (AI) of outdoor fishing and sports equipment and application research and development of new materials.

The company has a comprehensive R & D team composed of embedded software and hardware, sensors, electromechanics, computers, industrial design, materials science, and industry professionals; currently, there are 9 R & D personnel teams and 21 patents. Establish cooperation with many universities and design companies. Sales are distributed in China and Southeast Asia.

The company's aim is "the heart of the best, dedicated to the best." Through intelligent technology and new material innovation, fishing equipment is more casual, more portable, and more experience; work in accordance with the principles of responsibility, integrity, sincerity, openness, innovation, and friendliness.



OEM Available

From the initial operation of the company, we will accept the OEM orders for foreign customers.

We ensure first-rate OEM products because of our excellent business relationships with some of the largest raw material suppliers in Asia ......

More Info of OEM Available

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