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Fishing Rod Dryer

Ningbo Water Fish Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise of fishing gear maintenance and artificial intelligence for outdoor fishing. With industrial design companies, colleges and universities, a number of joint design and development, with a number of patents, dedicated to "intelligence to make fishing more interesting ". Mainly engaged in outdoor fishing, sports equipment artificial intelligence (AI) and new materials application research and development.

1. Product Overview

Intelligent rod dehumidifier is a fishing rod nursing expert products to avoid long-term sealing wet paint foaming, shedding, odour, tonal changes, and life reduction. According to the characteristics of the rod, research and development for the rod after the use of drying function.

2. Features of Fishing Rod

(1) The fishing rod is nested, the inner wall carbon cloth is exposed, the fishing process is soaked in water, and it is easy to blister the paint surface in wet environment;
(2) It is difficult to remove moisture automatically and produce peculiar smell.
(3) Size and weight vary; common dimensions 7 mm to 28 mm, weight 30 g-800g;
(4) The length varies, the number of sections varies, the common number of meters is 2.1 m to 8.1 m, the contraction length is 1 m-1.3m, the number of sections 2 to 8.

3. Current maintenance features

(1)Natural drying mode: after use, draw joint placement; advantage: low cost; disadvantage: affected by the weather, long time.
(2)Manual drying mode: by hair dryer, heating the surface, and rod joint blowing; advantages: flexible and convenient; disadvantages: cumbersome.
(3)Special rod dryer: put each pole node on the sleeve column of different size, dehumidify by air convection; advantages: convenient; disadvantages: tedious, low pressure, no heating function, poor convection dehumidification effect, long time.

4. Smart fishing rod dehumidifier

In response to the above problems, a smart fishing rod dehumidifier, high wind pressure, heating, plus buffeting algorithm, make plug and play, simple and convenient, efficient. A high cost-effective intelligent technology products; is currently applying for 7 patents, one of the invention patents; stylish, strong sense of technology, simple operation, such as: man-machine interface, touch button, machine construction are in line withological design.


(1) simple and quick
1) 5 minutes
Drying mode ," gale, heating, shaking joints ", to the inner and outer walls together.
2) An action
Interface standard unified; no need to draw, one plug and one pull, can be completed.
3) Seamless docking
Assembly Thread Interface Support bore M7-M26.
4) No interference

A fishing rod that supports all shaped handles.

(2) Efficiency
1) High air pressure
Using 150 W power motor ,6.5 KPa wind pressure ,0.5 L/min air volume ,(can blow 9 meters long pole inside the joint up).
2) Moderate heating
The excellent heat conduction characteristic of carbon fiber makes the heat comprehensive;
Heat sink and motor core are placed on the air duct of the motor; one suction and one blow transfer the heat of the two to the fishing rod.
3) Shake joint
By shaking the wind algorithm, change the wind pressure to let the inner section shake, the inner wall fully get the airflow.

(3) Intelligent Control Design
1) Wind Dynamics Intelligence Control
This is the core technology of this product, which can adjust the speed gear of the motor, calculate the pole sub-specification through the air pressure data, and distribute the corresponding wind pressure and air volume through the algorithm, intelligently judge, and then realize the best energy utilization ratio through the shaking rod technology of the eddy current algorithm.
2) Temperature Control
There are fishing rod temperature safety threshold and equipment safety temperature protection, ensure long time operation, not damaged by temperature rise.
3) Full adaptation:
Suitable for all fishing rod, over temperature protection and wind plugging protection;
4) Resource savings
Make full use of components heating, drying efficiency significantly improved, greatly shorten drying time;

5. Operational principle

Application environment: not wet, moderate temperature; rod use occasionally very little drip; pneumatic mechanism design of moderate IP grade, set environment and function combined with rod characteristics, in the design of a high cost-effective intelligent technology products, product design is divided into three parts: mainframe, adapter.

(1) Main engine

1) Structure
The structure is mainly composed of external cavity, inner cavity, filter cover, base, drainage system 5 major components. The structure of the machine is as follows:


<1> The whole machine is designed for "inner and outer cavity two-layer structure"

<2> Design of "one seal, one clamp, one hook" for air hole
With the adapter, use, can achieve a plug and pull, an action completed, specific in the adapter section.
<3>Design of "No Drain" for Drainage System (white dotted line above)

<4> Design of "Filter, Noise Reduction and Heat Dissipation Integration" of Filter Device


<5> Design of "Reducing Vacuum Effect" of Base


<6> Noise reduction design

2) Principle

<1> Three circuits
Main control circuit, electromechanical control circuit, sensor circuit composition, the main board CPU uses low power consumption 32-bit ARM chip; the overall function is as follows:


<2> Wired Connection
<3> Function realization

Human-computer interaction:

Use black and white cold tone, cool feeling; LCD black and white VI screen, touch button, each button independent white light backlight, light point will be


white light reminder, accompanied by chords hint.

(2) Adapter
Plug and play interface design, is a major feature of this product, easy to use; specific as the following figure.

1) Design of 1 adaptor and 2 rod fittings


2) Integration of rod and rod

3) Uniform standards for main joints

Main fitting joint unified height 20 mm, outer diameter 28 mm, inner diameter 16 mm, middle through main matching sealing ring and main engine tuyere do seal, card slot and main engine air hole clasp, its fixed clamping position, at the same time 28 outer diameter increase bearing capacity, can withstand more than 10 Kg of force.

4) Support all specifications
Support metric dental pitch 1.1 mm,1.25mm,1.5mm,2.0mm four major series (mostly 1.25 mm), each large series has M7-M26, commonly used for 7 joints.

6. Technical specifications

Parameter Typical Unit
Type WE-AI1001  
Product Name Smart fishing rod dehumidifier  
Working voltage 220±20% V
Service frequency 50±10% Hz
Humidity <90% HR%
Power 260 W
Ambient temperature -10 ~ 65 0C
Vacuum 6.5 Kpa
Air volume 0.5 M3/min
Reference standard GB4706, IEC60312  
Product size 150*150*235 mm
Weight 1.1 Kg
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